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“Learning to live a life of slowness, simplicity and sustainable rhythm, leads us to discover a way to live life in all it’s fullness.”

Simon Black – Founder of Living Free From

I created Living Free From because I wanted to help people live a full, vibrant and healthy life.  Living a healthy life involves far more than eating well and exercising.  It’s about understanding our needs – body, mind and spirit – and discovering how we can best provide for those needs.  At Living Free From I offer an holistic approach to living more slowly, simply and healthily, free from those things that would rob us of a full life.  Our focus is on habit change, sustainable rhythm and how simple lifestyle and dietary changes can have a huge impact on our health and wellbeing.

Life can easily become too busy.  And in that “busyness” we can miss those moments that matter, those opportunities to make a difference, those seemingly insignificant times that you will remember for the rest of your life.

It’s a sad fact that most of us journey through life, missing out on many of the amazing moments that each day brings, without even realising.  We’ve sacrificed many of the things that were once so important to us – quality time with family and friends, taking care of our body, mind and spirit, and taking time to enjoy those things that once made us happy and feel “alive”!

And why?  Because that’s the way life is – with work, kids, school, money . . . and the list goes on for each of us.  But does it have to be this way?

Well the good news is that I don’t believe it has to be.

I want to welcome you to Living Free From and take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Simon.  I’m a qualified health coach, lover of the great outdoors and teacher of life rhythms.


A strong, regular repeated pattern of movement or sound.

Dictionary Definition

I believe there is a way to live more simply, minimise stress in our lives and live a healthy life, making time for the things that really matter.

Some changes are simple and others demand commitment.  Our way of life has become so deeply ingrained in our culture and in our thinking that it can be hard to break out, it can be a real struggle to step out of the cycle.  But life is short and we only have one shot at it.

If we allow ourselves a moment, to step back from our lives and take an honest look at who we have become, what is important to us, which is often shown up in how we spend our time and our money, we may realise that it’s time to make some changes.

And that’s what this site is all about – LIVING FREE FROM all those things that ultimately cause us stress and pain and rob us of our time and health and in doing so our enjoyment of life.  It’s about living more slowly and simply, helping us to rebalance our lives and make the most of the time we have.