Your life goals are your own, only you can determine what is important to you, but it never hurts to have some hints. Here is a list of common like goals that may help you determine yours. 

Personal Development

Identify and live by my purpose in life 


Become more positive in mindset and attitude 

Self-awareness and personal understanding 

Freedom from life traps 

Become more open-minded 

Leave a great legacy 

Become part of something greater than the self 

Peace of mind 

Find fulfillment 

Thrive and enjoy life as opposed to just existing 

Gain confidence 

Support my wellbeing 

Stop procrastination habits 

Identify passions and live by passions 

Love myself 

Identify the meaning of my life 

Learn to meditate and do it daily 

Stop caring what others think 

Live my own life 

Live for myself 

Identify life goals 

Achieve goals set 

Live a life shaped by personal morals and values 

Forgive someone who has been resented for a long time 

Attain complete autonomy 

Attain self-respect 

Learn to communicate effectively 

Be a loving and caring person 

Let go of resentments 

Find my motivation 

Achieve full potential 

Have and live with conviction 

Be a role model 

Romantic Life

Fall in love 

Enjoy happy romantic relationship 

Celebrate a 50th wedding anniversary with my partner 

Have children 

Raise healthy responsible children 

Be a grandparent 

Be a great spouse 


Attain wealth 

Retire at a young age 

Own a dream house 

Buy an island 

Own the car of my dreams 

Save more money 

Save $10,000 

Invest money 

Get spending under control 

Be able to pay for children’s college education 

Leave an inheritance for children/family members 

Retire with enough money to live well 

Get out of debt/stop building debt 

Win the lottery 


Be satisfied in job/career 

Own my own business/Be my own boss 

Become a successful highly followed blogger 

Escape the 9 to 5 

Graduate from college 

Invent something unique 

Own a sports team 

Create a social site that beats Facebook 

Health and Fitness

Get in shape 

Lose weight 

Live a long life 

Build six pack abs 

Good health 

Eat a healthy diet 

Stop drinking soda 

Stop eating junk food 

Monitor and participate in preventive medical care 

Quit smoking 

Get rid of bad habits 

Exercise regularly 

Manage stress effectively 


Have great friends and social circle 

Maintain a strong family connection 

Be a great friend 

Influence others 

Help someone achieve their goal 

Help a child in need 

Pay it forward 

Contribute to society 

Improve the world in some way 


Have more time for leisure 

Travel around the world 

Experience a wide variety of life experiences 

Learn a musical instrument 

Go skydiving 

See the Auroras Borealis 

Climb Mt Everest 

Go to a Super Bowl 

Sail around the world 

Spiritual Development

Have faith in a higher power 

Inner peace 

Feel free in spirit 


Meet a famous person 

Be on television or in a movie 

Write a book 

Become famous 

Learn a second language 

Run a marathon 

Finish first in a marathon 

Become a gourmet cook