Whether you call them morals, values, principles, or guidelines, we all have something we use to shape and guide our life. These values help you to make decisions, to know right from wrong, and to make good choices, that are right for you, as you go through life. 

While many people differ on the specifics of these values, there are a few core values that remain true for almost everyone across the board. These core values help to shape your life and keep you going in a positive direction. 


Most people have the core principle that lying is wrong. That’s not to say that most people are honest 100% of the time, because they’re not; we’re all human and we make mistakes and poor decisions every day. However, having the core principle that honesty is best helps you to see those times that you do lie as a misjudgment or mistake. 

Being honest with yourself is at the core of shaping the life you want, it helps you stay on track with all that you want to achieve by being able to identify your strengths and most importantly your weaknesses. 


You don’t improve your performance on or in anything without practice. Those who hold practice as a necessity in their core values are hard workers that will stop at nothing to improve themselves and their situation. 

The willingness and the motivation to practice in order to achieve the goal you have in mind will get you very far in life and can help to improve many, many areas of your life when applied to it. 


No one achieved their goals in life by giving up on them. Perseverance is the key to success and the sign of strength. Those that hold this principle as a core value are strong individuals that will stop at nothing to make what they want happen; they won’t let anyone, or anything stand in their way or take them down. They also don’t let failure get the best of them, making them give up; they persevere. 


There’s no such thing as perfect in this world. It’s impossible for you to succeed perfectly 100% of the time. You will eventually fail at something, what matters is how you deal with that. Failure is an opportunity to learn and grow; you don’t learn anything from succeeding or winning, you learn from losing or failing. 

Those that accept that failure is inevitable and embrace their failures for the learning opportunities that they are go much further in life. 

How to Determine Your Own Values

While the aforementioned core values tend to be found on the list of most people’s values, there are other values that a person could use to guide their life. Determining the values that work the best, and make the most sense to you, is essential in shaping the life you want to live. 

Core values are an important part of life; they help us to know what’s right and wrong, make decisions, and follow the right path for you in life.