A handful of soil contains billions of bacteria, fungi and micro organisms. It’s alive!

As a farmer I recognise the importance of having healthy soil. Healthy soil is full of life. Scientists believe there are more bacteria, fungi and micro organisms in a teaspoon of soil than there are people living on the earth!
If I grow crops in healthy soil then I know I stand a great chance of having healthy plants and nutritious food. Of course, as an organic farmer, it’s down to me to care for the soil, making sure I give it what it needs to remain healthy.

Just like soil our bodies are incredibly complex and need to be kept healthy to work and perform as they should. Our bodies can become toxic and unhealthy without proper attention and care. Our modern lifestyles don’t make it easy to care for our bodies as we should and before long we will notice signs that things need to change. Signs such as pain, fatigue and brain fog.

I can teach you how to make simple changes to your lives, using simple habit changing techniques, which can help you to be the most healthy and vibrant version of yourself.

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